Día Internacional de Tolerancia Cero con la Mutilación Genital Femenina

17 year old matu was forced to get married when she was just 12 years old.jpg
girls participate in an alternative initiation ceremony in forested guinea.jpg
girls take part in fgm awareness session run by the local community development centr.jpg
grandmother fatoumata with her daughter sanaba and granddaughter aissatou.jpg
kadiatu fofanah is a former fgm cutter who has renounced the practice.jpg
marie 15 is an advocate against the harmful practice of fgm.jpg
rosaline 20 with fellow members of the girls advocacy alliance in sierra leone.jpg
rosaline and members os the alliance.jpg
zainab 17 works in her community to advocate against female genital mutilation.jpg
ending fgm in car clean hd.mov
ending fgm in car eng web.mp4
fgm does not belong anywhere clean hd.mov
fgm does not belong anywhere versión inglés.mp4
mgf no pertenecer a ninguna parte español.mp4
zainab mgf subtítulos en inglés.mp4
zainab mgf versión limpia.mp4